i-prenuppostnupPrenups are Not Just for Barry Bonds Anymore

Prenuptial agreements, also known as premarital agreements, have a bad reputation. They are often associated with the very wealthy and are seen as a way of guaranteeing the wealthy person retains their property and that the spouse marrying the wealthy individual is “not marrying for the money.” While this stereotype may apply sometimes, it is not always the case. Premarital agreements can be a way of defining ownership of certain property prior to entering into a marriage or guaranteeing ownership of certain property in the event of a divorce.

In Arizona, postnuptial agreements (agreements entered into after marriage) are also recognized and considered valid if they are done right. A postnuptial agreement is a way of protecting assets and rights once a couple has already entered into a marriage.

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Premarital Agreements Protect Your Estate in Arizona, a Community Property State

Arizona is a community property state. This means that in the absence of a premarital agreement, all property acquired during marriage (with certain limited exceptions) is community property. A prenuptial agreement can override that presumption if it is stated in the agreement. Prenuptial agreements can also make agreements regarding potential spousal maintenance, division of assets, and division of debt.

It is important to contact a lawyer who understands the complexity of these agreements, and who is familiar with the requirements for a valid prenuptial agreement in order to ensure any agreement reached is appropriate and legally valid. It is also important that each party either be represented by counsel, or be given the opportunity to consult with counsel.

Prenuptial Agreements Protect Assets and Investments Even After Marriage

At times it becomes necessary or appropriate to define or negotiate agreements regarding property rights during marriage. Postnuptial agreements may be helpful if, for instance, one party to the marriage is starting a new business with several partners and the partners need clarification on the ownership rights. Both prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements, if they have been done properly, make the eventual process of the dissolution go much more smoothly as many of the issues have already been defined.

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