Videos on Family Law Topics

Enforcement of Orders

“There are some specific tools the Judge has to force compliance.”

Divorce – Where Do I Start?

“This video is just going to give a brief overview of the basic first steps in starting a divorce.”

Parenting Conferences

“Judges often want to hear from an expert before ruling on a child custody case.”

Changes to Parenting Coordinator Rules

“Typically, a parenting coordinator is someone that’s put in place after court orders are in effect, and it’s to help the parties deal with little disputes that come along as they’re going through a post-custody case.”

Preliminary Injunction

“If the parties have children, this Preliminary Injunction specifically prohibits either parent from removing the children from the state while the case is pending.”

Freezing Accounts

“You can’t just go drain a bank account and go hide it somewhere once you’ve been served with a divorce case. The Preliminary Injunction prohibits that.”

Reimbursement Spousal Maintenance

“This video is going to be about a specific aspect of spousal maintenance that’s not very commonly used in Arizona.”

Omitted Assets

“Maybe after the divorce is final, a spouse realizes there’s one additional IRA account that they had forgotten about.”

Setting Aside Divorce Decree

“I often have clients come into my office and they’ve had a divorce decree entered recently that they think is unfair to them and they want to get out of it.”

Temporary Orders

“Temporary orders are simply orders that go into effect before the divorce is final and they end when the divorce becomes final.”