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Civil litigation is a term that refers to a legal dispute that does not involve criminal charges or family law. Instead of the state bringing charges as they do in criminal cases, civil cases usually involve lawsuits between private citizens and/or businesses.

If you’re considering bringing a suit to settle a dispute or are being sued in a civil case, contact the lawyers at Scottsdale Family Law. Our team of attorneys has more than 100 years of combined litigation experience. Let us put our expertise to use for you. Just call 602-279-1900 or email  to talk to a member of our staff.

Experienced Arizona Civil Litigation Law Team

At Scottsdale Family Law, we understand that no one enters into civil litigation lightly. Many of our clients have never been involved in a civil suit before. To help you gain a better understanding of the ins and outs of hiring a civil litigation attorney, here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive on the topic:

Why Should I Hire A Civil Litigation Attorney?

Navigating the legal system is not for the faint of heart. Even if you have a basic understanding of the law, you need someone with experience and expertise on your side to help you throughout the process. An experienced attorney knows the law well, makes solid and supportive arguments on your behalf, and has a reputation with local judges and attorneys to help negotiate a fair settlement.

A good civil litigation attorney will explain the possible outcomes and consequences of your case. Start your case on the right foot with a professional and experienced attorney on your side.

What Does a Civil Litigation Attorney Do?

A reputable attorney, hired by either the plaintiff or defendant, will manage all phases of the civil lawsuit and fight aggressively for the best interests of their client. These are some of the common tasks an attorney will do to prepare for your case:

  • Making an initial case assessment
  • Thoroughly investigating the complaint
  • Holding pre-litigation settlement conferences
  • Drafting and filing the official complaint or response
  • Completing the discovery process by demanding and gathering all available evidence
  • Taking depositions of subject matter experts and essential witnesses
  • Identifying key strengths and weaknesses of the case
  • Developing winning strategies and persuasive arguments for trial
  • Preparing evidence to be used at trial
  • Examining and cross-examining witnesses

How Much Will A Civil Litigation Attorney Cost?

Without knowing the full details of a case and how much time it will take to resolve, it’s difficult to estimate how much hiring a civil litigation attorney will cost. Attorney’s fees can range anywhere from $300 to $500 or more per hour.

Having proper representation in a civil case is always beneficial. Many lawyers offer contingency arrangements and alternative billing methods if needed. Be upfront with your attorney at the beginning of the case so they know how best to help you financially. A lawyer can help negotiate Fees, fines, time off work, and other costs. Although a personal defense attorney might seem expensive initially, it’s worth it in the long run.

Call Scottsdale Family Law To Consult About Your Civil Litigation Case

There are two conditions that should be met before you contact a civil litigation attorney to file suit: you have a strong case and the amount of compensation you may receive justifies the expense. If you’re the one being sued, you should contact an attorney immediately for assistance. To talk to the civil litigation attorneys at Scottsdale Family Law, simply call 602-279-1900.

Key Expertise:
  • Representation in arbitration procedures
  • Representing the client in arbitration-related court proceedings
  • Recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards
  • Advising on arbitration-related matters

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