Co-Parenting In A Modern World

For years judges in Arizona who heard divorce cases involving children made custody decisions based on the assumption that children, well at least up to the age 12, needed to be primarily with their mothers in order properly develop. This was known as the tender years doctrine. This doctrine prevailed in American courts till fairly recently. Today, however, the tender years doctrine – and in turn child custody arrangements – is fast being replaced by the idea of co-parenting.



So, what exactly is co-parenting? Well, simply put, co-parenting is the split responsibilities of parenting children out of marriage. Now, the concept may be a bit modern for some older generations, but today’s millennial generation is moving forward with. Co-parenting (sometimes called shared parenting) does makes sense on one level, in that more frequent contact with both parents is usually (but not always) associated with happier, healthier children. Also, research has shown that under the tender years doctrine fathers tended to drift out of their children’s lives. This was especially true when there was a lot of overt conflict between the divorcing parents.


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