Mr. Davis Comments on Public Split between Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson

Attorney Greg Davis of Davis Faas Blase, PLLC opined in a New York Times article in June regarding the recent termination of WNBA stars Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson’s marriage. While the details of the annulment itself appeared to be “boilerplate,” the marriage itself came one day after Ms. Johnson announced she was pregnant.

Both players have been suspended for the first seven games of the WNBA season due to domestic violence incident 17 days before the May 8 wedding.

Ms. Griner’s annulment aims to remove her from any alimony or maternal obligations since there is no biological connection to Ms. Griner. On the other hand, as Mr. Davis related, in Arizona where the couple wed, children conceived during a marriage are presumed to be the child of both spouses. Ms. Griner may be burdened with proving she has no legal responsibility for the child. Mr. Davis went further in discussing the potential complexities of such a case, saying “This may end up at the Supreme Court if the lawyers want it to.”

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