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Davis Blase Stone & Holder is not your typical team of attorneys. Rather, we’re passionate people who love helping others navigate legal challenges, with a focus on family law, civil litigation, business law, and bankruptcy. With over six decades of combined experience, we work side by side to ensure we are always prepared, energized, and focused on our clients.

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Robin Dugas represented me during a most harrowing time. She patiently guided me through a multitude of paperwork for a bankruptcy. Her expertise extended through two types of bankruptcies, making the period after my after my divorce settlement with the same firm, somehow manageable. Robin obtained a successful discharge order, assuring me throughout that I was an amazing client. I think many of her clients come to beliece that as she leads them through a legal quagmire expertly and enables restoration of their dignity. I recommend Robin Dugas of Davis Blase Stone and Holder whole-heartedly. Principled, compassionate, and experienced. A great combination. A true professional.


I hired Greg Davis for a in loco parentis case after our first consultation. What I liked/respected about Greg is he is a realist and never over promised. He always gave me the best and worst case scenario so I never felt blind sided walking into court, I always felt he had my back and and my best interest at heart. What should have been an easy case did have some obstacles we were challenged and led to a trial where Greg absolutely brought his A game and that is when I realized he listened and read everything I gave him because every detail was brought up. We ended getting everything we requested. I could have asked for a better attorney to be represented by. Thank you Greg and staff. I truly appreciate you guys.


Oksana is AMAZING!!! She was referred to us by a friend and from the very first meeting I knew she was a perfect fit for us! I got divorced a few years ago and paid a cheap lawyer to draft up documents for me and went through mediation so needless to say it wasn’t great. When I encountered some major issues with my ex-husband I thought I could do it all on my own but I was wrong! During our consultation with Oksana she was so full of great information that I knew we had to hire her! When she says she will be with you from start to finish she absolutely means it! She helped us fight for what we wanted and get it. Anytime I had a question or more issues came up she was always available whether it was through email, phone or a meeting. She responds so quickly and it’s impressive! She helped us settle outside of court which saved us a bunch of money so if there were things we could do instead of her she advised us of that. She also had lunch with us after one of the court dates and met us before to help ease my nerves. I am so happy to have her as my lawyer! Phoenix is a big city with a lot of lawyers so to have found her has been a true blessing!! I also love her accent!! I truly can’t say enough good things about Oksana! Even after our case was over she has emailed a few times to just check in and see how things are going! How cool is that! Again, if you hire Oksana you will be so happy!! She is super smart and knowledgeable!! Thanks for being so amazing to us Oksana!!!!!


In a time of complete chaos and stress, Aaron helped me navigate through one of the most difficult times of my life. Never having been involved in a legal matter, I was very afraid. Aaron was referred to me by a friend and I am so happy that I chose him to represent me in a custody battle. Aaron always kept me informed with ever matter in my case and was quick to respond when I had questions. Aaron was a blessing to find as well as his paralegal, Laura, who was always so supportive during such a hard time. I never wanted my situation to come to be what it was, but I couldn’t be happier with the outcome thus far. I have felt very protected by my attorney as he always has his clients best interest above all. Aaron really cares about his clients and works hard to get the best outcomes possible. I will definitely be using Aaron again if any issues are to arise in the future.


Lisa Stone is an experienced attorney who displayed her skill at every stage of my case. She was referred to me by an attorney friend of mine. From day one, she gave excellent strategic advice and was able to anticipate how the case would unfold. My case exceptionally complex and went on to require over five appearances in a courtroom. Lisa is an outstanding attorney in general, but in a trial setting, she is uniquely effective. After the trials were complete, my ex-husband’s family even shared that they felt his representation was outmatched. Beyond typical legal advice, Lisa’s positive attitude and the time she took to prepare me for my ordeal were invaluable. Additionally, her staff was professional, responsive, and pleasant to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone seeking a family attorney.


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