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Core Services Offered At Davis Blase Stone & Holder

Family Law - Divorce / Initial Custody Orders

Family law is our primary litigation focus. We understand first-hand the impact of your difficult decision to end your marriage/relationship, or to process and navigate the end of it. Like many of our clients, you might be confused, angry, or otherwise not at your best. At Davis, Blase Stone & Holder, we dig deep into our own experiences, both personal and professional, to relate to our clients. Being able to communicate in a personal and empathetic way allows us to ensure we always keep your well-being front and center.

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Family Law - Post-Decree Support Modification / Custody Modification

Where children are concerned, court orders are never permanent. Life’s circumstances change: jobs, schedules, incomes, health and locations change—and with them, so can your court orders. At least as often as we handle divorces, we pursue and defend modifications for our clients. Frustrating as it often is, we are always mindful that child-centered orders are not permanent, and that children must be shielded, to every extent possible, from parental conflict.

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Bankruptcy can be stressful and challenging without proper representation from Davis Blase Stone & Holder. There are numerous ways our bankruptcy team can help relieve your debt and regain your financial footing. Let Davis Blase Stone & Holder get you back on track to restoring your financial freedom.

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Civil Litigation

Responding to a lawsuit? With 60+ years of combined law experience, the DBSH team uses raw intellect and litigation skills to successfully achieve the desired outcome quickly, efficiently, and within budget. From breach of contract to tort defense, let's write your next chapter together.

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We’re a group of passionate people providing legal consultation for individuals going through divorce, civil litigation, and bankruptcy in Arizona. We exist to help people retain their sanity while dealing with legal obstacles in life. Founding partner, Greg Davis, opened the doors 2001 in Scottsdale, Arizona with a simple but compelling vision; provide clarity in times of uncertainty.

Today, Davis Blase Stone & Holder is a world-class law firm with attorneys focused on their practice areas. We dedicate ourselves to helping our clients through the use of education, motivation, and a sprinkle of love. Together, we can overcome your legal obstacles.

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